Tips for Bikers

1.     If you plan to do a ride for two weeks or less it might be better to rent a bike. For any longer time it is very easy to buy a bike privately or some bike shops are prepared to help with the process and even guarantee to buy the bike back from you after the trip. I believe this is especially true in Delhi. Do NOT use “India Bikes” in Mumbai.
2.     Don’t worry too much about taking extra tubes, tools etc with you. Believe me there is not a village in India where you can’t get this thing fixed for almost nothing.
3.     If you feel that the riding long stretches between places of interest is too cumbersome or dangerous, that’s ok as almost all touristy places have bikes for rent. Don’t expect to get a helmet with the bike tho.
4.     Do NOT book any accommodation in advance. Finding accommodation in India is easy and very negotiable. If you pre book accommodation be prepared to pay double and it limits your freedom of movement.
5.     Do not be too concerned about the condition of the bike you rent or buy. You can have the bike overhauled for next to nothing anywhere in India.
6.     If you are on your own, the Enfield 350 is totally sufficient. It has enormous torque with a top speed of about 90 and as you seldom ride more than 80kms an hour this bike will do.
7.     A trip to India is a mindset trip; it can be the best or worst experience of your life, dependent on your attitude and mindset. For us it was certainly a wonderful experience.
8.     Do not be tempted to bring the bike back to SA, it is the best bike in India and the only bike you want to ride there, however it is a piece of crap anywhere else in the world. You would be better off buying a Harley it’s also slow, makes a lot of noise and looks like something your great grandfather used to get around on.


  1. WOW!!! THIS is incredible! when are you going back to Mumbai?

  2. Hi we are back home in SA already.

    1. Hello I enjoyed your trip great story.. was wondering what you ment by Do NOT use “India Bikes” in Mumba did you mean royal enfields if so why is that and why in Mumbai.. have you been anywhere else since.. kind regards..

  3. more tips
    Don't try to compete with trucks and buses. If they occupy all of the road, leave the road and come back. Don't think they will move or you are dead.
    Careful at night: an elephant a cart of sugar cane or hay, a herd of cows have no back signals.
    Careful at monkeys. They are fast and can be aggressive. It's not like the town zoo. No it is not.
    An elephant or bull is the king if on the road. Move slowly and at good distance. black buffaloas seem very slow and calm: big mistake, they can run very fast and have sharp horns.
    Pushing on a highway (ar real one), don't think it will be always good. there can be a hole of 2km with mud and no more road!!! Pedestrians on the sides tend to wait you coming to cross the highway. Cows can sleep in between lanes and sometime the oneway highway can transform into TWO ways highway without you knowing it.
    careful morning and night. Buses of children going to shool and cattle going and back to stable.
    Try to develop hyper consciousness. Check the road way ahead. Look at lanes: have you seen this truck in the firld rushing to jump on the road.
    A farm truck in the field will arrive and enter on the main road, even if you are there. Either you slow down or you accelerate. Otherwise you are dead.
    With tribals people, aboriginals, keep your distances and don't try to socialise with them to prove yourself you are a wise guy sharing the one spirit, shit stuff. They live a different life on another planet and you are not an anthropologist to know them enough.
    Unless it's a psyko emotionnal thing, Enfield is heavy choose a lighter bike; The bullet kind of raod is history for indians. If it's not good at home why in india? The indian market offers now, 250cc yam and honda, suzuk and soon 600cc at half price than in your country. the Karizma 200cc is a good confortable bike too along with Yam FZ16 150cc and HH Hunk 180cc. also nice but low size, the Pulsars family.
    Watch your bike at night. Petrol in tank can evaporate during the night.
    Don't forget rain pants and top, gloves too. sun is not your friend.
    Helmets are cheap and good, choose one with a eye protection (dust, instects).
    cover your neck and drink water or tea.
    driving in india is a lot of fun. Not for the faint heart. be always alert.

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